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Odontology – modern restorative dental treatment

Odontology is a science dealing with tooth decay healing and non-carious lesions, such as tooth fracture, dental dystrophy, dental lesions.

What does moder dental restauration mean?
Removing decayed tissue and replacing the missing part of the tooth with aesthetic material.

Odontology injuries symptoms :

  • brownish pigmentation of the injured tooth
  • tooth partial fragmentation
  • tooth injury caused by dental wear
  • What causes dental caries?
  • Dental caries are caused by bacteria and damaging substances, such as acid, that come into contact with your teeth.In the first phase dental caries are not painful but the time they reach to the tooth pulp ,caries become painful. When they reach the tooth pulp the pain gets settled and procedures become more complex. In first phase dental caries are cleaned and isolated, afterwards they are restored with modern aesthetic materials

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