Specialized Consulting50 RON
Consulting specialized treatment plans150 RON


Ultrasonic Scaling dental arch75 RON
Professional brushing and dental arch anti-inflammatory treatment75 RON
Prophylactic sealing tooth70 RON
Desensitization tooth60 RON
Trays for bruxism dental arch200 RON

Restorative dental THERAPY

Light-curing composite filling physiognomic 3M / Kerr110 RON
Gradia120 RON
Gænial140 RON
Glass ionomer fillings80 RON
Direct\indirectly pulp capping Ca (OH) 230 RON


Vital extirpation mono \ pluriradicular with canal obturation (classical method)110/150 RON
Vital extirpation mono \ pluriradicular with canal obturation apex locator VDW150/200 RON
Vital extirpation mono \ pluriradicular with VDW endo motor canal obturation200/300 RON
Treatment of pulp gangrene channel obturation (3-4 sessions)200 RON
Treatment calming and anti-inflammatory dressing tooth50 RON
Dezobturare paste channel mono \ pluriradicular VDW endo motor300\500 RON
Endodontic drainage in the emergency treatment70 RON


Dental Extraction mono / multi radicular70/100 RON
Temporary tooth extraction and dental \ periodontal teeth40/60 RON
Erupted wisdom tooth extraction and dental / included150/200 RON
Included canine tooth extraction250 RON
Extraction after the attempted extraction150 RON
Apicectomy ortho / demote300 RON
Decapisonare tooth100 RON
Medications alveolitis postextractional60 RON
Incision and drainage of abscesses in approach exobucal150 RON
Incision and drainage of abscesses in endo-oral approach80 RON
Frenotomie / frenectomy70 RON
Gingivectomy per tooth with crown lengthening50 RON
Periapical curettage150 RON
Radical Cure of cysts250 RON
Toilet and suture the wound80 RON
Mandible fracture reduction and immobilization500 RON
Discount TMJ joint sprains50 RON
Fracture reduction malar200 RON
Extraction and neck skin tumor formation180 RON
Maxillary sinus radical cure500 RON
Under post-stones maxilectomie600 RON
Extraction of salivary calculus250 RON
Histopathological examination140 RON


Dental Implant500 EURO
Sinus lifting with bone addition500 EURO
Nobel Biocare dental implant1300 EURO


The cure periodontal and periodontal cement application on the dental arch250 RON
The cure periodontal appliance radiosurgery / per arch300 RON
Root planing dental arch with antiseptic lavage200 RON
Immobilization periodontal teeth with composite bar200 RON


Ablation prosthetic per tooth20 RON
Molded metal RCR 100 RON
RCR fiberglass abutment recovery150 RON
RCR with ball250 RON
Trial Design50 RON
I glassionomer cements Fuji I / Fuji I premeasured capsules30/50 RON
Acrylic provisional crown Scutan method (in cabinet)50 RON
AcryRock acrylic provisional crown / composite (in the lab)100/140 RON
Mobile Denture Acrylic / denture flexible furniture800/1300 RON
Skeletal prosthesis with hooks cast \ special items Anchor1600/2000 RON
Lining prosthesis directly \ linings indirect prosthesis150/200 RON
Acrylic denture repair100 RON
Replacing a tooth prosthesis / clasp broken100 RON
Kemeny prosthesis acrylate / biodentaplast (1-2 elements)200/400 RON
Crown simple metal / alloys seminobile150/200 RON
Metal and acrylic crown partially physiognomic180 RON
Physiognomic metal-ceramic crown toughened total GC / Ivoclar350 RON
Weisser Kaset Cr-Ni / toughened ceramics300 RON
GC metal-ceramic crown500 RON
Metal-ceramic crown on implant600 RON
Pressed Ceramic crown600 RON
Faceted Ceramic Veneers900 RON
Ceramic crown on zirconium support1000 RON
Ceramic crown on zirconium support the dental implant1500 RON
Acrylic removable prosthesis implant (overdenture) without / with metal frame1800/2000 RON
Marquetry (inlay, onlay) ceramic500 RON
Toughened metal-ceramic crown on implant450 RON
Crown BELLEGLASS (polymers with fiberglass)300 RON
BELLEGLASS crown on implant400 RON
Inlay, onlay BELLEGLASS250 RON
Rail contention BELLEGLASS500 RON

Pediatric dentistry and orthodontics

Fluorizare topica pe arcada dentara70 RON
Prophylactic sealing tooth70 RON
Temporary tooth extraction40 RON
Medications with pasta Ca(OH)260 RON


Emergency feeAdd 50% to the cost of paid
Weekend feeAdd 50% to the cost of paid