Frequently asked Questions

1. How often should I visit the dentist?

We recommend every six month visits or anytime o problem arises as:
-cavities , pain , inflammation ,etc.

2. How do I schedule?

You can make an appointment at our clinic by calling: +40236.491.112 or +40756.038.670.

3. Can a pregnant women be exposed to dental procedures?

For routine check up we recommend second quarter of pregnancy and post pregnancy surgical procedures.(more…)

4.How do x rays films affect me while being pregnant?

We take x rays only when needed , we normally advice women to wait until giving birth, but during x rays films the mother and the fetus are protected by x rays apron.

5. Whom can I resort in case of emergency?

In case of emergency you can call at the Patients are called in the same day.

6.What is dental devitalization ?

The destruction of the vitality of the pulp of the tooth in order to prevent infection developing.

7. Do dental procedures hurt?

Dental procedures are performed with local anesthesia so they shouldn’t hurt.

8. What are the post surgery recommendations?

If you undergone apical resction , tooth extraction, implant we recommend:

– conforming to medical prescription ;
– use cold compress ;
– good dental hygene right over stitches (from second day) ;
– do not eat hot food or beverages ;
– see the dentis after 7 days to remove the stitches.

9. Are fruit good for oral hygene?

High fiber fruit and vegetables help maintaining oral hygene. (more…)