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What is a sinus-lift?

A sinus–lift is a surgical procedure performed by an appropriately trained dentist or dental specialist to increase the amount of bone in the posteriormaxilla, or upper jaw bone.  While there may be a number of reasons for wanting a greater volume of bone in the posterior maxilla, the most common reason in contemporary dental treatment planning is to prepare the site for the future placement of dental implants.

What are sinuse?
The maxillary sinuses are located beneath the cheeks, above the teeth and on either sides of the nose. Your sinuses are cavities in your skull and facial bone similar to air –filled compartemnts lined with membrane that secrete mucus which look like bubbles. The interior of the bubble is the real sinus.

Why is made sinus-lifting?
Years ago there was no other option to fix dental diseases except wearing dental prosthesis. Now we can fix the prosthesis. Now we can fix dental implants need to be fixed on the bone . When this bone is not sufficient , sinus lifting is needed. Sinus lifting creates the graft that will sustain the implant.

When is sinus-lifting needed?
Sinus lifting is needed when the bone tissue under the sinus is too thin and makes dental implant impossible.
The surgery may be performed if :

  • The bone height on the vertical is less than 10 mm
  • The bone thickness on the orizontal is less than 3 mm and 8mm height
  • The maxillary sinuses floor is between 3 and 5 mm

Sinus lifting contraindication:

  • For the hemofilic persons
  • For the persons with hyperglycemias
  • For the persons with osseous structure, with small osseous density and with the bone thickness less then 3mm
  • In the menses period to women

How is made sinus-lifting?
Sinus –lifting procedure implies a more complex technique ,performed in the fully sterilized operating room . It’s a laser and piezotome surgery. Surgery is performed by placing lyofilizating bone inside sinus. The lyofilizating bone has to cement to the jawbone during several months. Afterwards it grows a perfect bed for dental implant .