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Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction

When do wisdom teeth emerge ?
Wisdom teeth emerge last, after the rest of teeth had come out, beneath all teeth. Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 16 and 25, but can appear even later than this period.

Why do emerging wisdom teeth pose problems ?
Our species developed and doesn’t have room enough for 32 teeth but 28. Wisdom teeth arise last, so they don’t have room to come out properly.

Can wisdom teeth pose problems ?
No. If there s room enough they appear like any other tooth. When emerging they can cause temporay uneasiness which disappears when the tooth erupts completely.

What is a impacted or hidden wisdom tooth ?
Wisdom tooth may get impacted either because there is not room enough in the jaw for the tooth to erupt normally or else because the angulation of the erupting tooth is not correct.

What happens with partial wisdom teeth ?
If one part of the tooth erupts partially through the gum and the other part is hidden, the gum will swell. Small pieces of food might enter underneath gums along with bacteria that make cleaning impossible. In this case we recommend visiting a dentist. He will tell you if the problem is temporay and if it s temporary can be treated with mouthwash or with specific cleaning methods. If it is not temporary, then the tooth will be extracted.

Reasons for wisdom tooth extraction :

  • Little room for proper eruption, great pain or uneasiness when erupting
  • Poor wisdom tooth hygene
  • Bigger wisdom of tooth compared with rest of the teeth
  • Pain caused by wisdom teeth

Is wisdom teeth extraction difficult ?
Everything depends on root shape and position. The dentist will inform you after x ray result . Superior wisdom teeth are much more easier to extract than inferior ones that are more frequent impacted. Surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

What happens after wisdom tooth extraction ?
After surgery swell and uneasiness appears.

Wisdom tooth extraction treatment
It is very important to conform with post operating advice to help healing .Patient should rest in order to avoid bleeding. After one week you should visit your dentist for removing stitches.